Policies and Documents

Financial Audit Documents 2022-2023
Conclusion of Audit report 2022-23
Annual Return 2023-23
Notice-of-Public-Rights 2022-2023
Bank Reconciliation 2022-2023
Reconciliation between Box 7and 8
contact details 2022-2023
Explanation-of-variances 2022-23

Financial Audit Documents 2021-2022
Conclusion of Audit Notice 2021-2022
Public Scrutiny Notice 2021-22
AGAR 2021-2022
contact details 2021-2022
Bank-reconciliation 2021-2022

Financial Audit Documents 2020-21
Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2020-21
Bank Reconciliation 20-21
Explanation of variances 20-21
Reconciliation between Box 7 and Box 8 20-21
AGAR 20-21
Public Scrutiny Notice 2020-21
Contact Details 20-21
Employers Liability Certificate 2021
Public Liability Certificate 20-21

Financial Audit Documents 2019-20
Bank Reconciliation 2019-20
Explanation of Variances
AGAR 2019-20
Exercise of Public Rights
Reconciliation between boxes 7 & 8 on AGAR
Public Scrutiny Announcement
Public Liability Insurance Certificate
Employers Liability Insurance Certificate
Contact Details 2020

Constitution Documents
LIPC Standing Orders
LIPC Complaints Procedure
LIPC Document Retention and Archive Policy
LIPC Scheme of Delegation
LIPC Communications Policy
LIPC Publication Scheme
LIPC Parish and Councillor Role
LIPC Financial Regulations
LIPC Code of Conduct
LIPC Financial Risk Assessment
LIPC Grant Application Form
LIPC Small Grants Policy
LIPC Virtual Meetings Protocol

Site Allocation Plan Documents

Long Itchington Parish Council Full SAP Submission 2020

Stratford District Landscape Sensitivity Study 2012

Alison Frost Appeal statement Gladman Development 2015

Letter to Liv Garfield Sept 2020 (1)

Sewage Chronology of events

Sewage Summary Severn Trent

Climate Change update September 2019 SDC Document

Ben Simm’s Letter WCC Highways

Ben Simm Email

EA Response to NP

Planning Information

User Guide for Householder Development

Housing Needs Survey July 2022

Housing Housing Needs Survey October 2016