Recent flooding and sewage problems

November 16, 2019 2:40 pm | Published by

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It won’t have escaped anyone’s attention that various parts of the village have suffered enormous issues recently with regards to the leaking of sewage and flooding. The Parish Council have recently contacted all the relevant agencies to try and find a solution to stop this happening. At a multi-agency meeting on November 6th it became very clear that there is no quick fix to these issues. Inevitably a very old drainage and sewage removal infrastructure is now creaking under the strain of increased dwellings and several periods of heavy rain.

It seems that there is no one cause.  We ask residents to bear with us whilst we continue to try and get agencies to solve this. But it will take some time. In the meantime, should you experience untoward leaking of sewage on or outside your property or unfortunate smells of sewage or unexplained bubbling up of water in toilets please immediately contact Severn Trent Water at: or phone: 0800 783 4444. It would be useful for us to know about these incidents so that we can keep a record to help us lobby for change.

If the village pump is needed please contact: 07935 336329.

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